Concert & Tour

Working with BSA Live is like having full access to the production department of a television station and full access to a live event production company at the same time. To top it all off, we provide full integration with key social media channels to help leverage your efforts and audience engagement at every stage of your event.

Event Highlight Videos

The perfect time to engage with your audience is while everyone is still buzzing on that “event-high” straight after your show. If we have just produced a live video production at your event, we now have on file, an archive of footage available for any current or future video productions. A well prepared highlights package of your event provides the opportunity to capitalise on post event excitement and build momentum with your audience. It is also the perfect opportunity to produce a series of promotional video(s) to promote your next event or tour.

With our years of diverse experience, technical know how and creativity, our producers love to create stunning videos that capture and portray the excitement and magic of your event for years to come.

Results Driven

BSA Live offers the experience and real world production value to help you make exciting things happen. The key to any successful marketing campaign or event, is of course to focus your time, energy and budget on the efforts that get results. Our goal at BSA Live is to provide to you unique, impacting services that can bring about the results you are looking for.

No matter your event size, requirements, location or if its indoors or outdoors - BSA Live is ready to help take it to a whole new level. Phone 07 5441 6119

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