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BSA Live has over 10 years experience in helping some of the world’s most exciting brands create unforgettable consumer experiences. We specialise in bringing together key elements of creativity and production to help you make a lasting, real world impact with consumers.

Video Production and Creation

We love the power of video, as nothing tells your story better. At BSA Live we are specialists in video production. We are passionate about creating insightful, engaging and exciting video content to maximize the power of your campaign or brand. Our full-scale video production from “concept to completion” will equip you with world class video assets that can be used at every stage of your promotion efforts. See how we can help you.

Social Media Content and Management

Social Media can be intimidating and overwhelming… and should never be underestimated. We help business, brands and events harness the power of social media and can assist you to tap into one of today’s most important marketing tools. With fresh, unique and customized social media content solutions, we can help you attract new, targeted leads and traffic for your brand. Combine this with our specialised video production services to really help you stand out from the crowd with your audience. Video is king on Social Media!

Campaign Billboards

Our mobile billboard advertising solutions will give you the opportunity to deliver powerful messages to your customers and provide high impact, local and targeted advertising. Our screens are massive (or small), to help you gain the attention you’re looking for in any city or town across Australia. We can literally drive around the CBD of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane with massive semi-trailer mounted, double sided screens (turned on and LIVE) promoting you!

Real World Events

When you’re ready to go all out and put on a small or large scale, indoor or outdoor event to promote your brand or product - we’ll be there! Events are one of the most powerful ways to put an exclamation point on your PR and marketing efforts and provide your consumers a ‘real world experience’.

Don't be caught in the overwhelm

BSA Live offers the experience and real world production value to help you make things happen. Focusing on the things that work is the key with any successful promotional campaign and our goal at BSA Live is to provide to you, high impact services to help you make an impact with consumers.

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