Concert & Tour

Working with BSA Live is like having full access to the production department of a television station and full access to a live event production company at the same time. To top it all off, we provide full integration with key social media channels to help leverage your efforts and audience engagement at every stage of your event.

Take Your Event To A Whole New Level

BSA Live provides a unique combination of media and event production solutions to help take events to a whole new level. Our all-in-one approach brings simplicity and cost effectiveness to the often complicated and expensive process of event planning and execution, while also maximising opportunities for event publicity and growth using the power of video and social media.

Currently the preferred supplier for numerous high action entertainment events, concerts and tours throughout Australia, our highly trained, passionate and committed team at BSA Live works directly with event planners and promoters at every critical event phase.



Build excitement and expectation for your event by harnessing the power of promotional videos and social media with a final real world on the ground PR push for your event - with our massive mobile, truck mounted, electronic LED advertising big screens, all advertising your upcoming event, all over town!


During Event

Let us take care of one component of your event or let us look after the entire production of your event - from technical planning, audio and lighting to big screens, live video production, special effects and fireworks! Supercharge your efforts with a Live Streaming strategy for your event with full connectivity to social media channels or pay per view content services - allowing you to maximise your event reach to a potential worldwide audience.


Post Event

For events that are annual or run in succession, the post event phase is often an overlooked powerful opportunity for long term growth. BSA Live helps event managers captialise on the excitement and hype from events with professionally produced highlight videos and strategic follow up promotional videos and stings for future events. When combined with a effective social media strategies, there really has never been a better time to gather, connect and engage with your audience no matter their location.

One-off Events or National Tours

If you are planning a one-off event or multiple events in different locations, not a problem. Our highly trained, passionate, committed and approachable team can be with you, on-the-move, anywhere in Australia to provide the necessary creativity, media content, production equipment, logistics and technical support to help you pull off truly unforgettable events.

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  • Resources
  • Logistics
  • Execution
Results Driven

BSA Live offers the experience and real world production value to help you make exciting things happen. The key to any successful marketing campaign or event, is of course to focus your time, energy and budget on the efforts that get results. Our goal at BSA Live is to provide to you unique, impacting services that can bring about the results you are looking for.

No matter your event size, requirements, location or if it's indoors or outdoors we're here to help!

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